Onamac Industries, a division of Selmet Inc., commenced business in 1974. In 2016 Onamac expanded into a new 60,000 square foot, state-of-the-art, climate-controlled facility located 1 mile north of Boeing's Paine Field. Onamac employs over 125 Manufacturing and Quality Engineers, Machinists, Assemblers, and Administrative Support.
  • 1974

    Company founded in Camano Island, WA

  • 1988

    Onamac becomes Boeing-approved source

  • 1994

    Awarded with first Spares Commodity Contract from Boeing for 400 bushings

  • 1996

    Moved to new facility near Paine Field, Everett, WA

  • 1999

    Boeing Commercial Supplier of the Year Award

  • 2000

    Boeing's President's Award for Excellence

  • 2003

    Boeing Enterprise Supplier of the Year

  • 2007

    Began 787 and P8A Poseidon production work for Tier 1 production companies

  • 2008

    First Boeing POP LTA signed, Extension of Boeing Spares LTA finalization, major award of Boeing Spares Large Milled Parts

  • 2010

    Boeing 787 Ground Support Contract

  • 2010 - 2012

    Boeing Performance Excellence Award

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Mission statement

Onamac is a world-class manufacturer of multi-axis milled, turned, and assembled aerospace components.

Our vision

Onamac's vision is to continually strive to be an employer of choice in our community and a supplier of choice in our industry.

Award-winning supplier to Boeing

Over the past 15 years, Onamac has won numerous awards from The Boeing Company as seen in the table below. Notable among these awards is the 2003 Enterprise Supplier of the Year Award granted to only 13 businesses worldwide that year as well as Performance Excellence awards in each of the past three years, 2010 - 2012. Management has developed strong relationships within Boeing's purchasing organization, founded on the quality and timeliness of the Company's output.

The perennial recognition demonstrates Onamac's commitment to going beyond the technical requirements to solve unforeseen issues, respond to last minute requests, and make suggestions to improve quality and decrease costs.

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Onamac has over 40 production machines to produce tight tolerance milled and turn parts for the Aerospace industry. Onamac has recently expanded its capabilities to machining Titanium castings to support the jet engine aerospace market.

Our services include:

- CAD/CAM Engineering and Drafting
- CNC Simultaneous turning and milling 7 Axis
- CNC Milling 3-4-5 Axis
- CNC Lathe Operations
- Conventional Machining
- OD Grinding
- Hardware Insertion
- Mechanical Finishing & Assembly

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Quality inspection capabilities

- AS9100 Rev D
- ISO 9001:2015
- Climate Controlled Quality Laboratory
- Calibration system traceable to NIST
- Coordinate Measuring Machine
- 30" X 24" X 18" Capacity
- Part Tracing and Surfacing
- CAD Interface with IGES Translation
- Air Gage system with Resolution to .00005"
- Optical Comparator with Surface Reflection
- Surface Finish Analyzing Equipment
- Comprehensive Specification Library Including
- Military, MS, AN, ASME, and ASTM Standards

Materials expertise

Onamac has experience machining a wide variety of metals with aerospace applications. Depending on the design and end purpose of the required part, there are several alloys and machining methods that can be used to arrive at the required confluence of strength, flexibility, weight, durability, and economics. The influence of these factors changes for each part of the aircraft.
Metals Machined Characteristics Example Aerospace Application
Aluminum Soft metal, light & durable Wing leading edge, landing gear components & support fittings, and floorbeams
Aluminum-Nickel-Bronze Soft metal, highly resistant to corrosion Bearings, landing gear components
Inconel Hard metal, used in high-temperature applications Engine parts
Stainless Steel (13-8, 15-5) & Steel Alloys (300M, 4330, 4340) Hard metal, highly resistant to corrosion Structural components
Titanium Hard metal, extremely high strength-to-weight ratio Engine & frame components

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